The entities will automatically enter IBC’s 6 months “MENTOR & MONITOR” program after registering with IBC. They will be under close monthly/quarterly/half-yearly monitoring of their performance. Moreover, mandatory monitoring of the yearly performance will also be performed.
The duties that will be performed by the monitoring team will be as follows –
● Monthly GST filing
● Monitoring accounts/transactions
● Monitoring sales performance
● Monitoring staff performance
● Occasional customer feedback
From this program, IBC would generate big data that comprises sales performance, customer feedback, and performing & underperforming sectors. The data would conclude what factors contribute to –
● Low sales volume, customer footfall and customer satisfaction
● Slow growth or slump in growth
● Flaws in marketing, promotion, accounting and staff performance

similarly, the data would be analysed and interpreted using an android application to provide necessary solutions such as –
Remedial measures for increasing workforce productivity
● Reminders for upcoming deadlines
● Budget planning and allocations
● Staff attendance and pay slip generation based on input data
● Insights about customer satisfaction

Certain solutions will also be provided by top professionals (employed by IBC) having decades of experience in handling business-related sectors and qualified with the latest management degree to be able to impart the latest methodologies.
During the program, the enrolled entities will be constantly in touch with IBC’s service technicians available in the call center facilities, who will readily help them with their concerns.

When the stipulated duration of the M & M program is completed and the business is thoroughly monitored and defects are nullified, a DPR (Detailed Project Report) will be prepared and presented by the enrolled companies with the help of IBC professionals available in the city/district-based IBC Team.

The interested parties looking for innovative opportunities to invest and multiply their investment will be brought into our investment portal. They will be provided with DPR of projects in which they are interested to invest in. They shall be given the details of financials and the current state of business volume. The data compiled from the IBC app and the ERP will be correlated, and the investor will be able to view the business’s daily performance in a graphical-based report containing charts and graphs.